The Boardroom League team

Introducing The Boardroom League™ Affiliate Program

We’re offering the opportunity to be one of our Boardroom League Affiliates. As an affiliate, you can earn 10% commission per Boardroom session when your referral books with us. 
How The Boardroom League™ Affiliate Program Works
As an affiliate, you share The Boardroom League™ with your own network (people who don’t know yet about our Book of Experts and the session opportunities).

Examples include:
  • Sharing on your own personal social media platforms
  • Emailing about The Boardroom League™ to friends, colleagues, or other business partners who may be interested
  • ​Sharing about the opportunity on your own content platform (blog, podcast, YouTube channel)
  • ​Talking to people you personally know 1:1 via Messenger, Voxer, or phone
It does NOT include:
  • Spamming Facebook groups or other people’s networks with your affiliate link
  • Referral “trains” where a group of people who are all already interested, each sign up under each other’s links
  • Referral “trains” where a group of people who are all already interested, each sign up under each other’s links
  • ​Promoting your unique referral link under our own social media posts

Who do I share The Boardroom League™ with?

The people in your network who may benefit from The Boardroom League™ are visionary CEOs who find themselves stuck in their business growth.

They may find themselves repeating actions over and over again or they desire to make their first hire but aren’t sure what they would delegate (or how to get their processes out of their head). Or maybe they’ve complained because they aren’t sure what their vendors are asking when they use phrases or acronyms like branding guides, A/B testing, KPIs, SOPs, and more. Or they’ve said, “I just need more time in my day!” or “I wish I could just clone myself!” Or maybe you’ve seen them lose confidence in what they’re doing because it’s just not working like it used to.

Here’s the current list of specialties our Boardroom League™ experts support:

  • Scaling For Growth Expert + Business Strategist
  • ​Branding + Design
  • Visibility + Communications
  • ​​Metrics + Tracking
  • ​Building Sustainable, Resilient Businesses
  • ​Mindset & Leadership
  • ​Social Media Strategy
  • ​Sales Experts
  • Copywriter + Content Strategist
  • Membership Specialist
  • ​Strategic Pricing Specialist
  • ​Web Designer + Tech Strategist
  • ​Funnel Strategist
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How We Support our Affiliates

We know you’re a busy professional and we want to set you up for success! We have a resource library to help you share The Boardroom League™ with your network. 

Inside your Affiliate portal, you get:

  • Your unique referral link to share
  • ​Social media graphics
  • ​Email and social media copy templates for you to easily customize and share