Danielle C Levy Blindspot Identifier

Identify and Prevent Blindspots
in Your Business 

The Blindspot Identifier

Every business has blind spots

Unseen weaknesses are one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. When you start your business, you take the actions you know. But if you don’t know the most effective way to do something, you just do what you know (or what you’ve seen others do).

And, as you grow, you end up with bottlenecks in your business. Places where you have too much friction but you aren’t sure what’s causing it.

The good news is that they can be identified and solved with a bit of strategy.

With the Blindspot Identifier, you get 5 clear steps to uncover your blindspots, fix them, and prevent them from occurring again. At a glance, you’ll know the exact steps to quickly and effectively take action.

What you'll get with The Blindspot Identifier:
  • 5 steps to identify and prevent blindspots from occurring anywhere in your business
  • ​Complete strategy guide for every area of your business
  • ​Examples of blindspots and a scorecard to easily see where you need to take action

Meet Danielle

Hi, I’m professional problem solver, Danielle C Levy,

I help bold business owners scale and grow their genius because I believe we need more bravery in this world.

Brave online entrepreneurs, launch and funnel agencies who create products and services that make a big impact on the world are my clients. 

Simply put: I work with brands that create positive change in the world.

Many of my clients refer to me as their “velvet bulldog” because I’m a skilled and strategic partner who is equal parts big picture and laser-like execution.

Whether you need to offload operations, manage your team, design and automate your funnel or create the systems that allow your business to run smoothly even when you aren’t there, I can help.

My marketing brain coupled with my corporate project backbone is what makes me more than just a business manager. You stay in your core genius while I keep all the moving parts together and together we accelerate your business growth.

In addition to my VIP Clients, I also established The Boardroom League to give other entrepreneurs a little black book of trusted industry professionals to help them grow their businesses without long-term overhead.

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