The Boardroom Roundtable is on hiatus during the month of September for the Finish 2022 Strong Business Challenge

In just 5 days, uncover the bottlenecks, barriers, and blindspots to clean up your systems and foundations to develop a business that runs without your constant attention. 

September 19 - 23, 2022

Get rid of all those “sticky” areas of your business so you can breathe a sigh of relief, get re-energized about what you do, who you serve, and truly take the time off you desire.

(The regular Boardroom Roundtable will resume in October.)

The Boardroom Roundtable 

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Cover your A**: the irreplaceable contracts & processes you need to protect yourself from brand thieves

Join us for the Boardroom Roundtable with Summer, ​​attorney & business strategist specializing in trademark law & business consulting for creative entrepreneurs on August 23rd at 2pm EST.

On this live call, you’ll learn from our legal expert how to: 

  • Leverage contracts to Cover your A** and help ensure your success.
  • Implement the 4 main contracts EVERY business needs.
  • Protect yourself from brand thieves in 4 distinct ways.
  • ​Take actionable steps to make sure your trademarks are safe.
The information we’ll cover is ready for you to use immediately to grow your business with confidence.

Stolen Intellectual Property (IP) and branding can cost you not only revenue and customer base but, in extreme cases, your entire business. And it’s not only Fortune 500 companies and the like that need to be concerned about IP theft, small businesses and entrepreneurs are less likely to have the revenue resources to fight against a hacker, disgruntled client/customer/student, human error, or computer malfunction. In this Roundtable discussion, you get the essential business foundations you need to protect your brand and your business. 

Hi, I'm Summer!

I’m an attorney & business strategist specializing in trademark law & business consulting for creative entrepreneurs.
My background is in managing and strategizing high-end multi 6 & 7 figure businesses for growth. This expertise has helped me be a vital and integral member of my client’s businesses. Whether it be legally or operationally, I enjoy making sure clients have a foundationally sound business set up to scale.

Even Superman had weak spots.
Every business owner has their own unique kryptonite – what’s yours?

When you know you need help but you’re not even sure what to ask, bring your thoughts and questions to The Boardroom League.

The Boardroom League offers you 1:1 access to the experts you need in a variety of areas, including:

  • Branding and design
  • ​Brand Protection
  • Visibility and communication
  • Metrics and tracking
  • Mindset and leadership
  • Business strategy
  • Sales
  • ​Membership Strategy
  • Copywriting and content strategy
  • ​​Social media management
  • Strategic pricing
  • Web design and tech strategy
  • Funnel building strategy
  • ​Building Sustainable, Resilient Businesses
  • ​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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The Boardroom Roundtable is your chance to meet with our League Experts for FREE! 

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