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Build an unbreakable business foundation

Get customized support from top experts--only where you need it
Starting a business with some skill, some serious grit, and maaayybe just a little bit of duct tape can get you incredibly far. And it has. You didn’t know everything when you started--and you didn’t have to!
But as you grow, your foundation should get stronger. Duct tape works perfectly for cardboard houses, but not for skyscrapers. 

If you truly want your company to stand firm against every challenge in the ups and downs of business--you need to face the hard stuff. You need to focus on the parts of business that you’ve avoided because they don’t come naturally. The gaps in your foundation.

You can feel the breeze blowing through those gaps in your foundation every time you send someone a legal (ish) contract you got online, or they mention your branding guide, or your KPIs. Um, what?

I should have this figured out, but I don’t even know what to Google.

But even if you did, you don’t have the time to figure it out.  

And… who do you even look for to help you with KPIs?! Where do you even begin?!
But you just keep DIYing it all, because it seems more overwhelming to try and risk hiring the wrong person. Ugh. 

It might be easier, but it’s not better. 
You’re already an expert in your field--you and you don’t have to gain the same level of understanding and skill in every area. That would take years. In fact, the most successful businesses stay focused on their zone of genius and lean on trusted partners to elevate and protect the rest. 

But if you could find the right person for your questions, you’d be able to fill in your foundation exactly where it’s lacking. You could get the answers, the system, and the right plan to remove the doubt, uncertainty, and fear that hovers over you.

You’d be able to move the needle of your business without a constant pit in your stomach. Without constantly avoiding your numbers, or having to go back to string together something basic like a pricing sheet or a visibility plan.

You’re just doing your best and crossing your fingers. But it’s exhausting.
Instead, you could be just one meeting away from a rock-solid business foundation.
You could be just one meeting away from having the scary places in your business finally checked and corrected by an expert. You’re this close to being able to move forward with complete confidence instead of confusion.

The Boardroom League is where you get answers to the questions you didn’t know you had

The Boardroom League is a collection of the top experts in online business who know how to set up a solid foundation. It’s not a membership, where you have to overpay for extra services that you don’t need--you get to choose which expertise you need.

This is the A-team of service-providers, the people who can give you answers to the questions you didn’t even know you were supposed to ask. They’ve been around the block, and they know how to build a strong foundation, find the weak spots, and make the right fixes.

And through them, you have a place to go for one-on-one, specific, customized support. Get the education, understanding, feedback, and tools you need for long-term growth.

You don’t have to spend hours of your time scouring the internet for someone who fits. You don’t have to craft messages, set up interview times, look up interview questions, sitting through 18 sales pitches, and then still cross your fingers that you chose the right person.

Just skip all of that stress. Instead, consult the League Experts you need, and get back to business with more efficiency and certainty than ever before.

No surface-level coffee chats.

No sales pitches.

Just targeted support and expertise exactly where you need it.

Here's how it works:

Decide how many—and which—experts you'd like to book a session with. You can book as few or as many sessions as you'd like! When you complete your purchase, you'll receive a personalized email to get your session(s) scheduled and onboarded with the Boardroom member of your choice.

Get Your Bonuses

If you sign up for any Boardroom Meeting, you’ll automatically receive three bonuses: 
Fast Action Bonus
Delegate Better
Blindspot Identifier

Meet Your League Experts:

You’ll get access to twelve tried-and-true experts in these areas, each consultation is valued at 3k but you get to access to them for only $997.

Scaling For Growth Expert + Business Strategist

What Danielle’s clients have said:

“Exceptionally efficient and effective; two words come to mind when I think of working with Danielle.”

“Danielle can make order out of chaos with no oversight. Give her a problem or ask her to figure out a process and she will return with answers and structure.”

“Danielle is a pro when it comes to getting it done. Her ability to see the big picture to create and improve processes is unmatched. Yet she also has no problems getting directly involved and making what needs to get done happen. On top of this, she’s a kind human who works hard to take care of the people she interacts with.”

Scaling For Growth Expert + Business Strategist

You constantly have new ideas and plans jumping around your head, but there are just too many things on your plate. Too many things you need to be doing, and too many things you should be doing, and too many things you don’t know how to start--the overwhelm takes you away from focus on your zone of genius. To achieve your necessary and visionary projects, you need a customized step-by-step plan.

Danielle has helped six and seven-figure businesses launch and expand their companies to massive results with clarity and efficiency. In your one-on-one Boardroom Meeting with Danielle, you will finally transport all the ideas from your head into a detailed, doable system. With a unified, organized team, your projects will get done and goals will be surpassed.


Use your 30-minute quarterly check-in call to update your plan, reprioritize your needs, and keep your team on track for their goals.
Your Business Scaling Strategy Boardroom Meeting Includes:
  • ​60 minute one-on-one strategy meeting to determine your strategic priorities, recurring and day-to-day activities, and visionary outlets; strategize how to free up your time and energy by turning your team into a well-oiled machine 
  • ​Project management plan broken down by quarter and by month
  • ​Set up your project management tool and system to achieve these priorities
  • ​Team training session to launch the new system in order to manage it for maximum productivity
Or, Use Your Boardroom Meeting to Strategize Your Team Hiring and Accountability Plan with Danielle’s Hire Integration System: 
  • ​60 minute one-on-one hiring strategy call where we will review your current team structure and delegation strategy, identify which functional roles you need to scale successfully, and your next steps for hiring 
  • ​Set up your project management tool with a custom onboarding system 
  • ​Create a comprehensive welcome packet to help your new hire settle into their role from day one 
  • ​Develop job descriptions and accountability plans for each member of your team

Branding + Design Expert

What Amanda’s clients have said:

“Amanda is AMAZING. Not only is her work superb and she has a great attention to detail, but she is a sweetheart, and very easy to speak with and bounce ideas off of. Also, her turnaround is impressive: not only would she set reasonable deadlines for her work, but she always submitted work back to us early. Whenever we have design jobs come up in the future, we’ll start with Amanda.”

“Thanks to my incredible new website, my online classes made twice as much income in the past two months as they did in the entire year before!”

Branding + Design Expert

It can seem like branding is not a high priority to grow a business--people might still buy your product with an ugly website. But they won’t stay as long, they won’t share it as many times, and they won’t trust your expertise as much as you deserve.

How many more sales could you make if your audience recognized your content automatically? If they were attracted to your business, before you even started selling? As one of the top graphic designers in the industry, Amanda can bring your vision to life and make your business look and feel as professional as you are.


Get a set of 10 editable social media graphics in Canva on the social media platform of your choice + a video tutorial of how to edit your graphics in Canva.
Your Jumpstart Branding Meeting Includes:
  • One-on-one branding strategy session
  • ​3 initial concepts
  • ​3 rounds of revisions for your concept
  • ​2 variations of your logo, vector files, color and black and white versions 
  • ​Watermark for overlay on photographs
  • ​Branding and Style Guide with custom color palette and font selection
  • ​Business card design
  • ​2 Social media covers

Visibility + Communications Strategist

Are you ready to maximize your impact with the right message? Make the most of every audience connection by nailing down your ideal client, key message, your voice, and your magic. Evaluate your current positioning and get honest feedback on where your message is not being clearly communicated to your audience.

With 28 years in the industry, Amy knows how to cut through the clutter and nail down the message that speaks most to your audience. You can finally determine a plan to get in front of the right people with the exact message they need.


30-minute “Pick my brain” session, only available to the first five buyers. 
Your Visibility and Communication Boardroom Meeting Includes:
  • Review current communications efforts
  • ​Identify new key messaging based on your Ideal Client
  • ​Develop a clear Communications plan with visibility goals
  • ​Quick guidelines on how to add Media Relations to your business
What Amy’s clients have said:

“If you’re looking to get clear on your messaging and find your “voice” within your business, Amy is who you want to be working with! She has such a gift for helping you find your unique story and then reminding you that THAT is where the magic is. I was having such a hard time writing my website copy. I was able to walk away from my strategy session with Amy feeling super confident about my website - the copy, the feel, and the story I want to tell with my words and business. She knows what she’s doing and you will leave your time with her empowered and ready to share your unique voice!”

Metrics Mastery

What Carolyn’s clients have said:

“The Metrics Mastery workshop was amazing - the areas we covered and the pace was just right. The templates are awesome and I spent the rest of the evening and then the weekend setting up my dashboards! It was a really worthwhile experience and I will use what I have learnt with most of my clients.”

​Metrics + Tracking

Of course, data is important for all businesses--but you can sort of squeak by without reeeally looking into them. They’re too scary. You’re not a numbers person… do you really need to understand all that backend stuff?

The quick answer is YES. If you want to grow a business past a tiny side hustle, it’s absolutely essential to have a complete and clear understanding of the cold hard numbers--and you don’t have to be a numbers person. As a certified OBM, Carolyn specializes in numbers. She knows how to use them to structure and organize your business. With Metrics Mastery, you’ll set yourself up for success by creating custom dashboards to easily track and analyze the numbers--then watch them grow.

Your Metrics Mastery Course Includes:

  • 10 dashboards and collection sheet templates
  • ​Video walkthroughs of each dashboard
  • ​One-on-one meeting with Carolyn to review your data and analyze the numbers

Mindset + Leadership Expert

Running a business means juggling so many different demands, and the way you think about and respond to each of them will impact your success. Stop getting in your own way, and accelerate your business results by stepping into your personal leadership with authenticity and purpose.

As a former high performance athlete and years of experience with startup businesses, Christine helps you uncover mental obstacles, and develop a plan to address where you are and where you want to go. With the right support, you’ll finally be able to lead with confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, and authentically develop your personal brand to connect with your ideal audience.


Access to the guide: 7 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back from Greatness
Your Mindset Mastery Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • 3 one-on-one 50-minute coaching sessions, customized to your needs
  • ​Accountability and habit-forming strategies
  • ​Voxer access to Christine for support between sessions
What Christine’s clients have said:

“Christine has helped me to see the forest for the trees, and to recognize the decisions and opportunities that are right for me, rather than for an arbitrary idea of what I "should" be doing. She's given me the confidence to sever ties with situations and people that aren't serving me, and to pursue opportunities I didn't know I was capable of.”

Social Media Strategy

You’re not supposed to work for social media--it should work for you. But you don’t have the time, energy, or quite honestly--the interest--to pour hours into the trends and the constantly changing algorithms and strategies on every social media platform. Your audience is there, but you haven’t been able to truly build your audience to the point where it could be.

You need someone who knows how to grow your specific business by tracking the right metrics, using the right trends and implementing your ideas. With over 5 years of experience growing social media accounts, Jessica doesn’t just follow best practices--she leads the way. You’ll walk away from your boardroom meeting with Jessica with more clarity and a tangible plan to implement immediately.
Your Social Media Boardroom Meeting Includes:
  • In-depth audit of two social media profiles
  • ​8-10 page report, which includes: 
  • ​Evaluation of current social media strategies
  • ​Specific recommendations for engagement, bio, photos, copy, growth strategies
  • ​Five custom-made posts for one channel
What Jessica’s clients have said:

“Jessica is dramatically accelerating our growth by applying best practices in acquiring new followers, and by thoughtfully engaging with our community. She is reliable, upbeat, accessible and -- crucially -- effective. She communicates clearly and often. She helps us set clear goals; and meets her deadlines and commitments. And she's teaching us a lot.”

“Jessica is a dream to work with. She has an amazing way of weaving in and out of the team to keep her strategy moving forward while adjusting for new opportunities and challenges. She leads with expertise and brings compassion, kindness, and professionalism to her work. Jessica brings wonderful ideas and an accommodating style that have elevated our entire team.”

Janelle & Tina
Sales Experts

What Janelle and Tina’s clients have said:

“Working with Janelle and Tina helped me increase my prices, gave me actionable steps on my sales strategies and process, and provided a personable sales experience for my prospects.”

“I needed a sales professional to strategize with and the energy level that Janelle and Tina provided was amazing! They always “showed up” 110% for our calls and I knew we were going to rock it.”

Janelle & Tina
Sales Experts

Change the way you look at sales! The DeFY Sales approach isn’t about learning how to apply more pressure to your prospects. It’s about optimizing your offer, pricing, page, and pitch to make your ideal prospects think just one thing: “gimme!” 

Through relationship-centered selling techniques, offer optimization, and tried-and-tested sales follow up templates, Janelle and Tina help entrepreneurs and salespeople from beginner to seasoned uplevel their skills and boost their revenue. These multi-million dollar online launch experts are changing the game and modernizing the industry. The DeFY method has helped countless businesses grow past $1 million per year. If you’re not working with Janelle and Tina, you’re leaving money on the table.


3 Sales Follow Up Templates - Proven sales scripts to follow up with leads and close the sale.
During the 90-minute Sales Offer Glow Up Meeting, we’ll:

  • ​Identify sales techniques to fix instantly to start closing more sales
  • ​Review and refresh your offer to keep prospects excited
  • ​Upgrade your pricing to increase profits
  • ​Audit your sales page for better conversions

Copywriter + Content Strategist

If you’re not getting the clicks and conversions you hoped, you need someone else to take a fine-tooth comb to your messaging. Your writing might be beautiful, but it won’t make you MONEY unless you know how to speak directly to the heart of your audience.

Kaylee’s sales pages, funnel copy, and SEO articles have helped her clients get hundreds of thousands of clicks, subscribers, and sales. Start making the most of every word with a deep-dive into your copy and content.


SEO content strategy checklist: Learn what you need to include in each blog post + how to upgrade your blog strategy for better rankings and lower bounce rates
Your Copy & Content Boardroom Meeting Includes: 

  • Evaluation of your conversion statistics and content strategy
  • ​Custom audit of 5 pages--sales pages, website pages, emails, social media posts, blog posts, etc.
  • ​Rating of your messaging clarity and effectiveness
  • ​Step-by-step plan to improve your communication
  • ​Keyword opportunities and SEO content analysis
What Kaylee’s clients have said:

“This audit is so good. There's so much detail and such actionable insights. I'm so thankful, I can't express my words.”

“This is the best piece I’ve ever gotten written. It’s so hard to find people who understand what I want… you hit the nail on the head exactly.”

“Kaylee has become a frequent contributor due in no small part to her willingness to dive into any topic we throw at her, her clean copy, her proactive communication style, her ability to hit deadlines, and above all her upbeat attitude. No matter the assignment--and I've given her some whoppers--Kaylee is always quick to respond, ask questions when clarity is needed, and can be trusted to get the job done without ever sacrificing quality.”

Strategic Pricing Specialist

What Lauren’s clients have said:

“Working with Lauren helped me change the way I measure my own value, worth, and time."

“The Cashflow Check-In was so impactful. The most impactful thing about our 1:1 talk re: cashflow was that it opened my eyes to how I could actually make more money. That made everything else in my business clearer (positioning, sales, etc.). My hurdle coming in was not charging enough, and the light bulb of this was hearing what you thought I could charge and also working through what that really meant on the cashflow worksheet.”

Strategic Pricing Specialist

If your work for clients keeps you from working in your own business, your problem is either pricing or positioning--or both. It’s time to decide confidently how to package your work and then how to price it. 

As someone who has seen how successful profitable companies work on the backend , Lauren works with you to get your offer priced correctly and to make sure it includes the right deliverables.


Three-month, post-intensive check-in: After three months, we’ll meet for an hour to review your quarterly plan and see what worked, what didn’t, and how cashflow/revenue improved from our last call. We’ll also do a mini-plan for your next quarter regarding pricing and sales goals. 
Your Pricing Strategy Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • ​Business audit questionnaire & cash flow spreadsheet 
  • ​Business planning meeting: A 2.5 hour meeting for us to review your audit, review your offers, and make sure they are priced correctly 
  • ​A three month plan of operational, marketing, and business development action items 
  • ​Two weeks of email access (for follow up questions, pricing help, or questions on how to price an offer on the phone with a new client)

Web Designer + Tech Strategist

If you’re not a naturally tech-savvy person who loves digging into code (like most of us), setting up the backend of your business on your own can easily take days. Plus, you’ll probably get it done at a lower quality than it could be done by a professional.

As someone who taught herself to code at age 11, Lindsey knows how to get your tech done correctly, efficiently, and easily. She’s helped hundreds of businesses use their time to make sales instead of crying into their keyboard. Stop wasting your precious energy and get your tech handled.
Your Tech Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • Live masterclass or webinar creation in your webinar tool (Zoom, WebinarJam, etc.)
  • ​Integration with email marketing platform
  • ​Creation and set up of masterclass/webinar tags, confirmation emails, reminder emails and follow up sales sequence (up to 20 emails)
  • ​Quality Assurance testing to make sure everything works smoothly from the getgo
What Lindsey’s clients have said:

"I live by the philosophy to work smarter not harder and that wouldn't be possible to accomplish without Lindsey. She has taken all of the tasks in my business that take me hours and has over delivered in design and efficiency. I couldn't do all that I do in my business without her!"

"I absolutely loved working with Lindsey. She is truly a professional in the business and went above and beyond to make everything look perfect."

Funnel Strategist

What Lisa’s clients have said:

“Lisa is very business-oriented. We didn’t want any fluff. We wanted strategies that we could apply to our businesses immediately - a quick turnaround and measurable results. With her help, we were able to focus on a direction and very clear business goals that matched our values and desired lifestyle.” 

“I worked with Lisa to revamp my brand messaging and she gave me tons of insight that led to an important shift in my business. Within 6 months of working together, I doubled the members in my program and increased my member retention.”

Membership Specialist

You’d love to start a membership site to continue to serve your best clients in a long-term, sustainable way. The monthly recurring revenue model would be an amazing way to stabilize your revenue, but designing and structuring a program that meets your business and lifestyle goals requires making a number of tough design decisions.

Lisa is a trained business strategist who helps service-based businesses simplify and package their offers and increase their visibility through bold positioning—ultimately creating a business model that supports entrepreneurial growth and freedom. With Lisa’s help, her clients have established themselves as thought leaders in their industries and have built $100k to $1 million membership programs.


Hours to outcomes template & training
Start Your Membership Now training bundle
Your Membership Design Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • ​Two-hour business design session to review your business goals and design your ideal membership program. You’ll walk away with a blueprint for your program, including: 
  • ​Ideal member template
  • Content structure for your program
  • Pricing options to meet your revenue goals

Funnel Strategist

What Roxanne’s clients have said:

“I can think of a lot of great titles for Roxanne, but in a nutshell, she's the "Strategy & Implementation Queen." All she requires from you is a vision of what you want in place, and it doesn't have to be elaborate either. She has a calming presence that reassures and encourages that is a huge bonus.  

She helps you gain clarity and strategy about your specific path forward. You will leave equipped with a CLEAR plan and map tailored to you, which you can implement on your own or her team can help you implement.”

Funnel Strategist

You can make the biggest impact by building a funnel--but only if you do it right. Trying to build a funnel without a clear, actionable plan is going to waste every asset you have--time, money, energy, and creativity.

You need a blueprint for your funnel and a step-by-step plan to get there. Roxanne’s campaigns have generated tens of thousands of dollars for her clients. During your Boardroom Meeting, you’ll learn how to multiply the effectiveness of every hour and every dollar you spend during the creation of your funnel. 


Three-month, post-intensive check-in: After three months, we’ll meet for an hour to review your quarterly plan and see what worked, what didn’t, and how cashflow/revenue improved from our last call. We’ll also do a mini-plan for your next quarter regarding pricing and sales goals. 
Your Funnel Strategy Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • ​One 2-hour funnel planning call + copy of the recording
  • ​15-20 page implementation report, which includes: 
  • ​Summary of strategy
  • ​Implementation plan and cost
  • ​Customized funnel map
  • ​Customer value journey map
  • ​Audio copy of the call

Building Sustainable, Resilient Businesses 

Business finance is an intimidating topic—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Susan Boles is a Virtual CFO and Finance and Operations Coach for small businesses with a focus on helping businesses get a clear understanding of their numbers. With her help, business owners get to know their finances at a deep level so they can make decisions from a place of intention and purpose, instead of panic.

With over a decade of experience as a CFO and software consultant, Susan is on a mission to help founders build sustainable, resilient businesses that punch above their weight. She will empower you to take control of your finances and take your business to the next level.

Your Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • 60 minute strategy session on a topic of your choice
  • The Practical Money Mindset mini-course, because your relationship with money affects your decisions.
  • ​Access to Hire to Grow? Or Grow to Hire? Making Financial Decisions in Your Business mini-course.  
  • ​The Capacity Escape Hatch email course, which teaches business owners how to create breathing room within their finances.
What Susan's clients have said:

"I feel so relieved that this is all in order. I feel completely empowered over my books and my numbers for the first time in YEARS despite my obsession with excel sheets and tracking numbers."

"Most of us are vulnerable in the area of financial systems because we are focused elsewhere in our business, but deep inside we know it is vitally important if only we had someone to show us the way. Susan opens up the black box to our finances and offers us a way forward that is steady, clear, non-judgmental."

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert

Often called a Renaissance woman by their friends, VP is a mother of two; author; serial creative entrepreneur; diversity, equity, and inclusion expert; anti-racism educator; and certified life coach for creative entrepreneurs based out of Houston, Texas.

She works with entrepreneurs through 1:1, group, ecourses, and training containers. VP is here to share decades worth of lived experience and knowledge to give you the tools to move your business forward with confidence.

Whether you're a baby biz owner, emerging entrepreneur, or a veteran CEO, creating a business that’s inclusive, sustainable, and ethical is a foundational priority. Lucky for you, you don’t have to build business pillars on your own.
Your Boardroom Meeting Includes:

  • 60 minute strategy session on a topic of your choice
  • ​A digital copy of Inclusive Strategies for Your Coaching Business
  • ​Access to Creating with Canva: Mini-Course to elevate your branding 
  • ​Access to Instagram for Creatives: Mini-Course to build your following and revenue stream 
  • ​Access to the new Sustainable Start-Up Course & Membership 
What VP's clients have said:

“VP has been instrumental in motivating me to take my businesses to the next level. Her coaching takes a stern, no-nonsense approach that holds her clients accountable and encourages them to see their own bigger picture. I have increased profits and my client base significantly since we have been working together and I truly feel supported in all of my endeavors by her!”

"Working with Vee was exactly what I hoped it would be. She was super hands-on, sharing so many tools that will continue to help my business long after our time together. She also addressed problems I had that I didn’t even expect her to. It was worth every cent to work with her. She took so much stress off my shoulders."

During your Boardroom meeting, you’ll get a custom solution for your business. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to build your skyscraper.

Plus, save $100 for each additional Boardroom Meeting you book during checkout.
Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m an integrator for 6 and 7-figure visionaries. I help business owners focus on their zone of genius and become the CEO by finding and hiring the right team.
How do I know that each of the League Experts can multiply your investment? From experience. I’ve worked with each of them on difficult projects and have seen their work firsthand. Their systems, expertise, and results are top-notch. This is a league of business superheroes that has grown my business, and I’m so excited to see how they impact yours.

Get things done right--the first time

You’re not a baby in the business world--you don’t need someone to hold your hand and buckle you in your car seat. You need answers, direction, and confirmation.

Could you figure things out yourself? Maybe. Eventually.

Sure, you can still make some sales with a scarcity mindset. You can still get some traffic with different fonts on every page of your website. But you will never reach the income and freedom levels that you SHOULD if you don’t stop wasting time and effort on the wrong things

Stop avoiding the hard stuff and limiting your growth.

Use the Boardroom League to make your business foundation unbreakable.

Early Sign Up Bonuses

If you sign up for any Boardroom Meeting, you’ll automatically receive three bonuses: 
Fast Action Bonus
Get one-on-one guidance for your team or a complete hiring guide by choose ANY of the items in Danielle’s shop. Up to a $349 value--for FREE.
Delegate Better
How do you save time, save energy, and grow your profits at the same time? Learn how to delegate correctly! Use this guide to multiply your productivity.
Blindspot Identifier
You don’t know what you don’t know. Use this tool to discover which areas you need to prioritize
These bonuses are not available anywhere else, and are worth thousands of dollars individually.
Plus, get $100 off each additional Boardroom Meeting when you book two or more together.
Don’t wait any longer to be free from the uncertainty holding you back.
Get the trusted expertise you’ve been waiting for and strengthen your business in the next 30 days.

I’m Ready to Fix My Foundation


Is this a membership?
No, there are no ongoing fees or services for the Boardroom League. It is a one-time fee of $997 for each individual Boardroom Meeting.
Can I book more than one Boardroom Meeting?
Yes you can--it’s hard to choose between these experts! There is no limit to the number of Boardroom Meetings you can book.

Plus, when you purchase two or more Boardroom Meetings, you’ll receive $100 each additional League Expert!

Two Boardroom Meetings = $100 discount
Three Boardroom Meetings = $200 discount
Four Boardroom Meetings = $300 discount

and so on!
How does it work? 
Once you’ve decided which League Experts you want to meet with, you can purchase your Boardroom Meeting anytime. You’ll receive your League Experts’ calendar link and further details within 48 hours of your purchase.
Can I bring my VA, OBM, or other team members to my Boardroom Meeting? 
YES! And it will also be recorded for future reference. 
Is there a time limit? 
You must complete your Boardroom Meeting within 45 days of your purchase.  
What if I don’t like the project outcome? 
All of the experts in the Boardroom League are thorough, honest, and serious bad-asses at what they do. I’m confident that they can deliver the product they’ve promised with minimal errors.

However, quality is subjective, so we cannot guarantee a specific outcome. If you can factually prove that your League Expert did not meet basic requirements (completing your project, meeting with you in the specified timeframe, providing you with a usable product or expertise for your business), we’ll make every reasonable effort to rectify it.
I LOVE my league expert--can I hire them for more work?
Absolutely! After your Boardroom Meeting is finished, you can contact your league expert if you’d like to work with them further. You can email and we will connect you.
Can I give this as a gift?
Yes! In fact, the Boardroom League members think this is one of the best gifts you could give to a growing online business owner.

Email to get a Boardroom Meeting credit to hand to your loved one. This will allow them to choose which League Expert they want.
What if I don't know which expert I need?
No problem! We've got you covered.  Just contact and we'll schedule a discovery call to help you define and prioritize your needs.  
What if I have questions before I buy?
You can email to reach me with any questions.
Want to be a Boardroom Member?
Do your services help growing online business owners multiply their success? Click here to apply to become a League Expert.
Still have questions? Reach out and get your answers from the source--just click here.

I’m Ready to Fix My Business Foundation

Save $100 for each additional Boardroom Meeting you book during checkout.